The excitement and influence of travel goes beyond the journey itself. Leaving your home strengthens your independence and resolve, helps you build your professional network and communication skills, and gives you unforgettable experiences that last a lifetime. At LoudMinds, we are all about creating immersions that help young travellers grow personally & professionaly.



Safety is our number one priority and it begins with our topnotch trip mentors!  When appointing Mentors for our Journeys we seek two main characteristics : in-depth experience & knowledge of the country and more importantly a passion to work with young travellers. As Parents, you can opt in to become part of a Whatsapp group to stay connected & updated while the journeys are in progress. 

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After showing you the must-sees, we take things to a whole new level of awesome. With your local leader and new friends by your side, we’ll introduce you to local life, plus the amazing experiences that come with it like homestays, community visits, and those super-cool bars and tucked-away restaurants that only locals know about.


We go beyond just seeing each place on a superficial level and focus on hands-on activities and experiences for a deeper level of immersion. Whether enjoying an authentic cooking lesson in France, feeding a baby monkey in Costa Rica, learning Karate in Japan, or participating in a traditional Meke ceremony in Fiji, we always find ways to incorporate fun and unique activities into our itineraries. These great experiences and opportunities to interact with our host culture are what set us apart from the typical sightseeing tourist agenda.

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Teens require some independence and flexibility to grow and flourish, so we avoid rigid schedules and offer plenty of options to appeal to every type of personality. With our mentality of smaller group sizes and authentic travel, we are able to accommodate this by featuring choices in daily activities, as well as the flexibility to include fun new activities or events that may pop up along the way! Our trips are more enriching because we give participants the opportunity to have an active voice in what they would like to do and see while catering to each individual’s unique interests. Please request a day by day itinerary from any of our trips to see all of the choices our travelers enjoy!