Ode to Bhutan

A collection of beautiful, heartwarming poems from the 10 day Journey to Bhutan. 

Hot Chocolate Weather

Photo by : Rahul Bhardwaj

Photo by : Rahul Bhardwaj

by: Vishesh Khakhar

Slow drizzle amidst the white fog
Crickets chirped in the damp grass
I would sink into my cushiony couch
Under miles of furry, warm blanket
From the window
All that could be seen was
Few plants swaying in the wind
And behind it was the white mist
Without any electricity
I watched it get darker
As I sipped on my mug of Hot Chocolate
As the shades of blue and darker blue
Conquered whatever I saw
This calm stillness echoed in my ears
When the chirping stopped
All that could be heard was
The sound of nothingness
And the slurping sounds
As I drank from the mug. 

Photo by : Rahul Bhardwaj

Photo by : Rahul Bhardwaj

A Home in Phobjikha

by: Vishesh Khakhar

Wooden floors and ceilings,
Intricate Bhutanese designs, 
They encapsulated this warm home on a cold night that we arrived. 
Smiles and rosy cheeks welcomed us in a language we didn't understand, 
But understood by their expressions. 
They lead a simple life, as simple as it could get,
It made us introspective about our luxurious lives we lead. 
The mattresses in rooms were joined, topped with the fluffiest of blankets, 
Making it feel like a cozy sleepover in the mountains. 
As the sun rose the next day, bereft us was a majestic valley with majestic animals grazing on the lush greenery. 
It felt like time never moved here in the valley, 
The time too stood and adored the sheer beauty of this place.


Green and Blue

by: Vishesh Khakhar

Green and Blue, 
As far as the eyes can see. 
Emeraldrald green rivers, they flow as calm as my mind
Tall green trees, they rise up to the cloudless blue sky. 
Monks in bright red walk by the unpaved road and they look at me. 
They smile as a curve on my face reflects their emotion
I walk down to the river, stand on the cold pebbles, bare feet
It feels heavenly
I dip my toe into the freezing cold river. 
A rush of excitement and shiver goes through my body. 
I stand there, thinking of the simple life that is of mine, which back home I can complicate like a spiders web. 
Colors of green and blue fill my mind. 
And trust me it's a unique feeling.

Heart dancing

by: Vidhi Madrecha

It is cold and breezy outside
Bold and fuzzy feelings churn inside
My cheeks are burning blushing red
Infront of me I see the blooming blue poppy bed

My cheeks are now fiery red
My feelings bloom with the blooming poppy bed
sweet sweet gestures make a messy mixtures of   emotions on inside

My lips curve into shy smile on outside
Gush of blood and rush of feelings
Make clear meanings
I have got a crush on this place
The significance is clear on my face
My heart beats fast as the warm sun treats the mountains


Photo by: Rahul Bhardwaj

Photo by: Rahul Bhardwaj

But the world still appeared further than before, because my mind wasn’t a child’s mind anymore.
It reminded me of the restrictions my time has now,
It showed me the consequences of responsibilities not completed on time.
It proved that my ambitions need to have limits,
The world still remained on the outside and I couldn’t get out in it.
Days went by and I turned numb, Schedule was formed and routines became strict.
I forgot about the big wide world as I got absorbed with my little earth of chaos,
The ten year old in me was somehow lost.
But there were moments when my mind questioned everything,
the purpose of life and what was I suppose to do with it.
One such moment of weakness did the trick, I decided to come on this road trip.

And now I have seen mountains disappearing into clouds and emerging into mountains again,
I have seen the beauty of valleys the hills carry within.
I have met people I could never meet in my former life,
I have imprints of stories on my heart and mind.
All these experiences have slowed down the time for me,
I have realized how hard life on the road can be.
But, I would still prefer moving around deep into the mountains than commuting in the city in circles. 
I would still prefer to live a life of a nomad than living a same day on repeat again.
I would still prefer to be a guest in a place so mesmerizing that it seems like home.
I would still prefer to see strange faces with familiar souls.
Now as the time of this journey is ending,
I am pondering over the last few days which seems longer than the last 22 years.
As I sit at the corner seat of the bus writing this short letter down,
I am still looking out the window, but I would like to stay here anyways.


by: Surbhi Samra

The world is waiting for me, I knew that as soon as I turned ten.
As I looked out the window of my school, I knew the big great world is waiting for me
Here’s a thing about windows…
They show you the possibility of something better,
The remind you the great potential of opportunities,
They display the great big wide world of experiences just lined up outside.
Here’s another thing about windows….
They confide you to the other side,
They remind you that there’s a glass wall between you and the world,
They also show you that you are just a spectator of a big circus.
I decided that I didn’t want to remain behind the glass wall,
I needed to go out into the world which was desperately waiting for me.
“Such a huge resolute for a ten year old! You are just a child”, the grown ups told me.
You need to be ready before you decide to go out, You need to grow up.
So, I waited around to grow up.

I did everything as per the manual of old and wise,
Every move, every change, every step up was in order and on time.
There were no misses, no pauses and everything started taking shape.
School was followed by college which was was followed by job.
Education transitioned to responsibilities.
I took upon each role with an open mind, hungry for the prize waiting at the final line.
I crossed every hoop and I solved every puzzle, 
At the age of 22, I was finally a grown up.

About the Poets: 

Vishesh Khakhar is a 18 years old blogger from Mumbai who is passionate about helping young people fight depression and other social issues.  Vidhi Madrecha is also 18 years from Mumbai who has an entrepreneurial spirit. She and Vishesh both work towards helping the youth. Surbhi Samra is a 23 year old professional from Delhi who happens to works with Wipro but is an aspiring (also amazing) photo journalist.