We design journeys to help students discover themselves - their passion, purpose and potential. An experience that inspires them to write their stories.


We like to be cultivators of curiosity and inquiry, we bring a little bit more meaning to their school day, and spark their imagination. As the world moves through massive change on many levels, the challenges we face in today’s world are not simple. Young people are required to develop learning agility; expansive, multi-dimensional thinking and action. The type of thinking, action and energy that emerges naturally when we are in the throes of creative expression or connection with others.

Our endeavor is to bring young adults into their hearts, that makes them come alive – identify their skills and gifts - and become more generative, more magnetic and more dynamic in their ability to navigate challenges and discover pathways of breakthrough.




Tanya Gupta

Traveler with a bachelors in Artificial Intelligence & Economics, Tanya founded Loud Minds to create travel experiences that enable and empower young students to realize their dreams and create foundations for the future. Having traveled to 25+ countries, Tanya understands the need for experiences in our education system and hopes to re-design learning.


Divyankan Gupta

A thoroughbred business genius, Divyankan aims to rewrite Ambani style stories once again in next decades. Being in and out of the Publishing Industry, he is scaling his multi-city pharmacies at the age of 21 with a bachelors in International Business & Marketing.

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Jaytirth Ahya

In love with facilitating conversations between artists, musicians, designers & entrepreneurs. Jay has traveled with over a 100 people on his journeys in last 3 years and enabled 35+ collaborations. With Loud Minds, he is super enthusiastic to befriend young creators and understand their personal motivations to create a future they dream for.